Experience Baja California Fishing

Baja California Fishing

You've heard about this for years - the perfect weather conditions, the ample supply of hundreds of fish species, the excitement of battling a powerful marlin. For a fisherman, it's the ultimate in the sport. Don't wait any longer to experience Baja California fishing. Something this special has to be done right, so do it through the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. Let us take care of every detail, including the reels, line and tackle. Our fleet is staffed with professional and skilled crews and our high-quality equipment is well-maintained to generate maximum results. Get ready to live out your angling fantasy, and fish like you've never fished before.

Choose to keep your catch, or we also promote catch-and-release. We provide outings for Baja fishing as well as fly fishing. Tours are available during the day or night.

After Baja Fishing: Ultimate Relaxation

Baja Fishing

Our exclusive resort has something for everyone. While you experience the best in Baja California fishing, your family can enjoy the perfect getaway vacation. Kids love to frolic and play water volleyball in the pool, while adults can take advantage of the swim-up bar. For the ultimate in natural therapy, the Jacuzzi is heated by a nearby hot springs. Our pristine white sand beaches are lapped by crystal clear warm waters, where one can relax under a private cabana. Kids will spend hours snorkeling right off of our beaches experiencing their own "private aquarium" filled with stunning colorful marine life.

When you're not Baja fishing, pamper yourself in the comfort of our lush tropical surroundings - relax in a hammock, or enjoy a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. When you get the urge to get active again, take a horseback ride along the mountains and the beach, or rent a kayak or jet ski. Browse our site to learn more about our comfortable and beautiful accommodations, and discover this perfect vacation destination for you and your family.