For those wanting to spend part of their resort adventure exploring and photographing the beauty of a fascinating undersea world, we offer some of the finest snorkeling and scuba diving found off either side of the Baja peninsula.  Close by is world-famous Cabo Pulmo, an underwater national park which protects the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. 

Besides coral, the preserve attracts a myriad of fishes -- some easily recognizable game fish types and dozens, if not scores, of brilliantly-colored and patterned tropical what’s-its.


We work closely with Vista Sea Sport, a local dive operation through which you can complete the entire PADI-certified scuba diving course or, if you’ve already finished elsewhere the academic or theoretical segment of the course, you can complete the practical, or in-the-water instruction portion with us to earn your PADI certificate.

Among the species you may see or photograph are cave-dwelling groupers, wavy-winged mantas, enormous but docile whale sharks and dense swarms of reef fish.  Our water temps are moderate to very warm and clarity, most days, ranks among the clearest in the world.  Only a few miles north from Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort is Coral Beach, a popular snorkeling destination located directly below the rugged cliffs of Punta Pescadero.  Snorkeling gear is available at the resort.


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