Located on the edge of the sparkling blue Sea of Cortez, 35 miles North of Los Cabos International airport and 70 miles Southeast of La Paz, Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort is one of the world’s premier sport fishing and outdoor adventure destinations.


Airline Service to Los Cabos
The easiest way to get to Hotel Buena Vista is by air. It’s only a short two-hour flight from San Diego, Los Angeles or Phoenix to Los Cabos, and the Los Cabos International Airport is only 35 miles away from us. Because it’s a major resort, it offers the largest number of international flights.

You will need a valid driver’s license and a passport or certified copy of your birth certificate to fly to Mexico. The airlines will provide you with the form for a Tourist Card, which you will fill out on the airplane and show when you go through customs at your entry point in Mexico. This Tourist Card is good for six months. Minors under the age of 18—who are not traveling with both parents—will need a notarized affidavit from the missing parent(s) giving permission for them to travel to Mexico. The airlines can help you with this.

Following airlines provide daily service to Los Cabos / La Paz:

To Los Cabos:
  To La Paz:
Alaska Airlines

America West Airlines



Continental Airlines

Aero California

American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Frontier Airlines

Delta Airlines
Us Airways

Sun Country Airlines
Alaska Airlines

Northwest Airlines

Airline Service to La Paz

La Paz International Airport is 70 miles northwest of Buena Vista and is serviced by the following airlines:


Make sure you let us know whether you’ll be flying into Los Cabos or La Paz and what your flight number and arrival time is. Once you arrive at either airport, the driver of one of our three Tres Hermanos vans will personally meet you. Look for the man with the Hotel Buena Vista sign. Your name will be on it. He’ll help you with your luggage and you’ll be on your way.

In case you’re thirsty after your flight, let your driver know and he’ll stop at a store near the airport where you can buy water, soda, beer and snacks. Forty-five minutes later (or an hour and half if you fly into La Paz), you’ll be checking into the hotel!


Identification and Other Legal Entry Requirements
Since you will be traveling almost the entire 1000-mile length of Mexico’s Highway 1, which stretches from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, you will need to purchase a Tourist Card. This card costs approximately $22 and is good for six months. In addition to a Tourist Card, if you are traveling south by car, RV, bus, cruise ship, or airplane, U.S. citizens are required to have a photo ID and a certified copy of your birth certificate or a passport.

When you drive, you are responsible for getting your own Tourist Card. Any consulate of Mexico, the Mexican tourism offices, some travel agencies and Discover Baja Travel Club in San Diego can issue this card. You can reach Discover Baja at 1-800-727-BAJA or www.discoverbaja.com.

If you don’t have time to pick one up before you cross the border, you can stop in just south of the border in Tijuana to get a Tourist Card. In Ensenada, pick up a Tourist Card at the Migración—Immigration Office at the port. It’s right on your way into town on the left-hand side of the road, across from the shipyard. Afterward, you will have to go to a local bank and pay your fee.

As of September 14, 2001, citizens of certain specified Middle Eastern countries must apply for permission to enter Mexico at least six to eight weeks ahead of time. These people should contact the Mexican Consulate nearest them for more information.

Mexican Car Insurance
Buy inexpensive Mexican car insurance at one of the drive-through agencies in San Ysidro before you cross the border at Tijuana. All you need is a copy of your current vehicle registration and valid driver’s license. Some U.S. car rental companies allow you to drive their cars into Mexico, provided you purchase insurance beforehand. If you’re planning to spend more than 10 days in Mexico, it’s cheaper to buy a year’s policy. An online search will yield many companies that provide insurance. Also … make sure your policy includes legal coverage, in the event of an accident. Please, don’t cross the border without Mexican car insurance.

Driving Tips
It is nearly 1000 miles from Tijuana to Buena Vista. If you are driving straight through, allow yourself at least two days. It’s not advisable to drive at night, as the road is narrow and without a shoulder in many places.

Get a cell phone that works in Mexico before you start out. Keep on the lookout for the green vans you’ll see from time to time. They’re called the Green Angels and they offer free roadside assistance to stranded motorists.


You can arrange to rent a car at the Los Cabos or La Paz International Airports. All major US car rental companies have outlets at these airports, but their prices are generally higher than ours.

You can also rent a car for a day or two at Hotel Buena Vista. We have compact and mid-sized cars. Minimum driver age is 25 years old. We require a valid driver’s license and major credit card.


Los Barriles & Buena Vista Services
The towns of Buena Vista and Los Barriles are side-by-side and only five minutes apart. You can take a taxi or rent a car to into Los Barriles, where you can buy food, beverages and visit a doctor or pharmacy if necessary. There are also several good restaurants nearby. Stop in at the reception desk and we’ll show you where to go to get what you need!

Los Cabos Area Services
Since Los Cabos (the area comprised of the towns of San Jose del Cabo to the north and Cabo San Lucas to the south—with the corridor known as the Los Cabos Corridor in between) is a large resort, anything that can’t be found locally is less than an hour away. In addition to hotels, golf courses, shopping, restaurants, nightclubs and an array of tourist attractions, Los Cabos has modern medical facilities. Please visit the reception desk to find out more information about what’s available in Los Cabos when you are here.

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