Our resort is an unexpected tropical paradise in the midst of the Baja desert. Towering coconut palms, plumeria trees, lush lawns and an abundance of colorful flowers will surprise and delight you here. A branch of the Colorado River runs all the way down the Baja peninsula and passes through the base of a volcano near Buena Vista, where it continues its winding, underground passage to the sea. Along the way, it bubbles up to the surface places as hot springs.

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort sits directly over this secret river, which accounts for the resort’s luxuriant landscape and its amazingly pure water. Just off shore from the hotel's white sand beach, the river bubbles up into the ocean—creating a perpetual hot spot just offshore.


When your van pulls into the hotel entrance, it will drop you off at the Reception Desk. It is here that you will check in, get your room key, lunch tickets and coupon for your Welcome Margarita. It’s also the place you’ll go to ask about any tours, activities or special events you’d like to plan during your stay with us. If there’s anything we can do to make your visit more pleasurable and memorable, please let us know!


Both the standard and premium rooms are the same size with identical floor plans. They are comfortable-casual in décor and style. Most include two double beds (we have a few kind-sized beds if you would prefer), a telephone, nightstands, dresser with mirror, conversation table and chairs and a bathroom with shower. Each room has its own coffee pot and an outdoor patio with chaise lounge, table and chairs.
The premium rooms are located around the pool and restaurant area and close to the beach. Nearly all of them have hammocks as well. The standard rooms are terraced up the gently sloping hillside toward the reception area, a short walk away. All rooms have lockable interconnecting doors for family convenience and daily maid service. Laundry service is available. There is a safe in the reception area.
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Hungry? Order up a plate of Nachos or a hamburger. When the boats come back from fishing and all sorts of people descend on the pool, you can be sure that someone will start up a wild game of water volleyball. Join in. What more could you ask?

The social hub of Buena Vista Beach Resort is the swim-up bar under the giant palapa at the pool. The beautiful fresh-water pool is the perfect place to unwind after a hard day of fishing or touring. It’s also a great place to spend an afternoon under an umbrella reading a book. Beach towels are available daily.


Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort is situated on top of a large natural hot springs. The water here is incredibly pure—more pure than even the bottled water we drink. Not only is our tap water 100% safe for drinking, but it is therapeutic as well. Here—instead of having hot water heaters, we have hot water coolers! Back in the hotel’s early days, the water came out of the tap steaming hot. Sometimes, if we ran out of cold water, it was even too hot to take a shower!

While that’s no longer an issue, we do pump the water from our hot springs directly into the Jacuzzi above the swimming pool. There’s not much that can beat a relaxing soak in our Jacuzzi after a long day of fishing, scuba diving, swimming, hiking or kayaking … or even a long day of reading under an umbrella! And, the good news is … the Jacuzzi is big enough to fit a dozen people comfortably!

Buena Vista Beach Resort has one of the most spectacular and safe swimming beaches in all of the East Cape and Los Cabos areas. Since we are located at the south end of Las Palmas Bay, the waters are calm and so clear you can see bait fish swimming by as you wade in the warm water.

There are hot springs right offshore, so that when you walk over them, you can feel the heat coming from below the sand. These hot springs make an evening swim in the moonlight a not-to-be-missed experience!
The pure white sands of our beach are pristine and semi-private, so you won’t have any bothersome vendors coming up to you as you’re

dozing in your lounge chair and trying to sell you silver jewelry or your name on a grain of rice! During the day, you can relax under our shade pavilion and read a book, you can go for a swim or snorkel or walk miles in either direction looking for seashells.

If you’re interested in renting an ATV and cruising the shoreline, a jet ski, a kayak, snorkel gear or even a horse for an hour or two, you can check in the reception desk.


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