Hotel Buena Vista's fishing fleet is the most experienced on the East Cape, and includes 19 boats, from 23-foot Super Pangas, 28-foot Single Engine Cabin Cruisers, 29-foot Twin Engine Cabin  Cruisers to 32-foot Twin Engine Cabin Cruisers. All are fully equipped with safety and fishing equipment and are manned by professional crews (experienced in both conventional and fly-fishing) who know the sea and its denizens.
Once you are checked in and have had your fun on

the pool, get ready for dinner and before you sit down on our beautiful terrace, come in to the bar and check in our Activities Desk, here they already have your boat ready, but you need to check in to give us your order on what you want to take the next day out. If you don't have a boat reserve, come in and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Regular Fishing tours

The hours for a regular fishing tour are from 6:40 am to 2:30-3:00 pm. Distance will vary from 5 to 50 miles, average distance is about 15-30 miles, and it all depends where the fish is. Our fleet goal is to get you fish, and our captains will do and go where needed to achieve this goal.


Extra fishing time is available upon request, extra charge applies.

Half days

They are also available, they can only be requested at the resort, and they are available based on availability.


Night Fishing

From May through July you and a group of up to six (minimum four) people can go night fishing on a 26-foot cruiser. Fishing in mainly bottom species, and we will take you to several prolific reefs. We’ll fish fairly close to shore and be gone four hours—from 7 to 11 p.m.



Fishing Gear

Our fleet is equipped with the best equipment in the industry and it is well maintained by the same captains. Okuma and Penn reels fill with Maxima line. Our boats have equipments from 60 lbs, 40 lbs, 30 lbs and 20 lbs outfits. We don't have any spinning reels, nor surf rods.

All the terminal tackle on the boat is included in the price. You are welcome to bring your own equipment as well.


Fish Cleaning and Packing
Our beach staff will take care of your fish when you arrive from your fishing day. You need to tell the dock master of the day what is that you want to do with your fish. You have several options: You can send some to the kitchen to be prepare for you that night; you can choose to have us take care of it, to clean, bag, and freeze your fish or smoke it for you; or you can have sent to town to have it vacuum pack and/or smoked for you. For prices on these services please visit our Rates and Policies site.




When you get on your fishing boat, your captain will introduce himself and his deckhand. He'll ask what would be your target specie, once he knows this he will suggest the type of bait that you should get.

Bait is bought from the pangueros direct and you must have cash for their services, normally you will be taking about $20-$30 dollars worth. It could be frozen bait (ballyhoo), large live bait (mackerel, caballito, little jacks or mullet), or sardines. 


Onboard Picnic Lunches and drinks
Hotel Buena Vista offers box lunches and sodas for your fishing adventure. Please come in to the Activity Desk in El Pescador Bar, from 6:30pm to 8:00 pm, a night prior to your tour to sign up and give your order for next day fishing.


There is a full menu to choose from for your next day out. You have your choice of burritos, sandwiches, fried chicken and salads along with cookies, fruit and soda or water and of course beer. Everything will be on your boat the next morning prior to you boarding your boat. 



We Support a Catch-and-Release Philosoph Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort believes strongly in conserving our natural resources, and supports the Worldwide Billfish Foundation and its catch-and-release program. In fact, 75% of our billfish are released to fight another day (more than 1300 this past year alone). Hotel Buena Vista anglers who release fish receive a special patch, signifying their commitment to the program.


In addition, most of Hotel Buena Vista's captains are participating in the Captains 25+ Release Team awards program, sponsored by the Billfish Foundation and Penn Fishing Tackle. As part of the Billfish Foundation's worldwide effort to promote the catch-and-release concept, the Captains 25+ Release Team provides special recognition to captains who release more than 25 billfish annually.


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