The cooler months are best for taking these tours, and all except the ATV tours can be booked at the Reservations Desk (in person or by phone from your room). Book ATV tours with Steve Chism at the beach shack. All tours will depart at approximately 7:30 a.m. Unless otherwise specified, they last six hours, so that you’ll be back by lunch time. Please allow us at least 24 hours advance notice to set things up for you.



El Chorro Hike & Swim Tour
On this six-hour excursion, we will drive 20 miles through the small towns of Santiago, EL Zacatal and Agua Caliente. These towns have lush vegetation with groves of mango trees, avocados and papayas. After about a 45-minute hike, we’ll arrive at EL Chorro—a naturally occurring waterspout. Water erupts from natural hot here, pours through rock formations and ends up in two tropical lagoons. We will swim, sun ourselves and picnic here for an hour before hiking back to the car for transfer back to the hotel.
Wear: Comfortable hiking attire, shoes, hat. Bring: Swimsuit, towel, camera, film, sunscreen


Miraflores River Picnic Tour
On this six-hour excursion, we will drive through 35 miles of ranch lands and scenic vegetation before arriving at the mouth of a freshwater, sparkling river. From here we will proceed on foot, hiking for about an hour. This is a perfect opportunity to observe birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Our destination will be Boca de la Sierra, where will relax, enjoy our picnic lunch and take a short siesta before heading back down the trail. On our way home, we’ll stop at the locally famous sandal-making shop where you can purchase authentic, handmade Mexican huaraches.

Wear: Comfortable hiking attire, shoes, hat. Bring: Swimsuit, binoculars, camera, film, sunscreen.


Buena Vista Sunset Pontoon Boat Tour
This two-hour tour is not-to-be-missed. Grab some friends and sail away into the sunset on Hotel Buena Vista’s own pontoon boat. Enjoy cocktails and appetizers as you watch the drop down behind the mountains, painting the sky in the glorious colors of sunset.

Wear: Dress comfortably. Bring: Camera, film.


ATV Mountain Tour
Hop aboard an all-terrain vehicle and head for the hills! On this four-hour guided tour, we’ll go off-roading into the desert mountains, learning about the local flora, fauna, wildlife and as we pass through riverbeds, traverse mountain trails and visit the rarely seen side of Baja.


Local wildlife expert Steve Chism will take us from the beach shack at the hotel, down the beach and through several arroyos as we head up the hillsides toward Big Spring. There we’ll leave our bikes and walk about 300 yards to a lovely waterfall and large pool of crystal clear water. We’ll enjoy a picnic lunch before heading back down to the hotel.

Wear: Dress comfortably. Bring: Camera, film, binoculars, sunscreen, hat.


Cabo Pulmo Marine Park Tour & Lunch
In June of 1995 Cabo Pulmo was officially declared a Marine preserve by the Mexican Government—which means it’s off limits for fishing and a perfect adventure tour cabopul.5.jpg destination. Located about midway between San Jose del Cabo and Buena Vista, Cabo Pulmo, is off the beaten track—which means it’s not too crowded. It’s approximately 11 miles long with at least eight different fingers of coral reefs, and it’s the only living coral reef in western North America.

A Mexican fishing vessel (the Colima), sunk during a storm in 1939, lies in 18 feet of water offshore, and offers the added bonus of a wreck dive for scuba enthusiasts to the already spectacular marine park. Underwater visibility ranges from 60 to 100 feet and water temperatures range from 65 to 80 degrees.
After an hour’s drive by van, we will reach the park where we will meet Pepe Murietta, longtime park director.  He will give us a short lecture the area and its fragile ecosystem. He’s a certified dive, sailing and kayaking instructor. He’s also a naturalist with expertise in marine and plant biology and archeology.
     He will describe each of the park’s eight different dive and snorkel sites, which range from 15 to 50 feet in depth, as well as wildlife that has been spotted recently. Sometimes whale sharks (harmless, but the hugest fish in the sea) have surprised snorkelers. There have been mantas flipping in and out of the water and some sperm whales offshore. The beaches at Cabo Pulmo are as spectacular as you’ll see anywhere, with pale aquamarine water and sugar-soft white sand.Types of fish you will see include: needlefish, triggerfish, rainbow colored parrotfish, big-nosed jewfish, yellow and gray-striped tiger fish, spiny brown-spotted blowfish, eels and even sea turtles.

Pepe also offers kayaking to a nearby sea lion colony. After we’ve snorkeled and kayaked to our hearts’ content, we will head into the tiny town of Cabo Pulmo for lunch at Nancy’s—a surprising restaurant run by Nancy, a Cordon Bleu-trained chef.
Wear: Comfortable beach-walking attire, shoes, hat. Bring: Swimsuit, towel, camera, film, sunscreen, snorkel gear
Minimum: Six people






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