There’s more to an East Cape getaway than just soaking up a poolside suntan, battling an acrobatic billfish or melting into a massage table -- although all of those aren’t such bad ideas, either.   In addition to these types of activities, we also offer opportunities to take in some local cultural color, enjoy fine regional restaurant cuisine, visit some working orchards or enjoy a picnic lunch and natural-pool swim at a tucked-away waterfall!

 The quaint, little town of Santiago extends a delightful invitation to take you back in time to Old Mexico’s architecture, and a visit to Baja’s only


zoo, complete with birds, bears, lions, foxes and much, much more.  Santiago’s church, a former mission, still holds Catholic masses each Sunday.  And for a look at a modern city, complete with attractions from street-vendor taco stands to upscale department stores, a cultural trip to La Paz will reward your day.


Santiago Zoo and Waterfall Tour
This six-hour excursion will take us to the charming agricultural village of Santiago. You will be amazed at the lush orchards of mangos, avocados and citrus fruits growing here in this oasis community. After a tour of the town, we will visit the Santiago Zoo—the only one in all of Baja California. Here we will see ostriches, deer, an array of exotic birds—including eagles, a falcon, parrots and peacocks, a tiger, bear and lion, foxes, coyotes and mountain lions. This zoo is a wonderfully peaceful sanctuary set within beautiful gardens of mango and avocado trees, aloe and numerous species of native cacti. After this, we will head up into the Laguna de la Sierra Mountains to visit La Cola de la Zorra (the Tail of the Fox), which is the largest waterfall in Baja.


The water tumbles down more than 40 feet into a cool, clear pool that is over 20 feet deep. After a short, easy hike on a good trail, we will reach the falls, where the braver among us can dive off the rocks (from about 35 feet) into the water. We have the option of picnicking here or heading back into
Santiago and having lunch (not included in price of tour) at the lovely, lush Hotel Palomar.

Wear: Comfortable hiking attire, shoes, hat. Bring: Swimsuit, towel, camera, film, sunscreen.


La Paz Cultural Tour

La Paz is an exquisite, romantic and exciting seaside city that is authentically Mexican.

On this tour you will visit the cathedral, museums, mission, government offices and the bustling Mercado central. Stop and enjoy the area’s most famous street tacos at Tacos El Correo by the post office, followed by a sinful serving kof Baja’s best ice cream at La Michacana on the Malecón (oceanfront promenade).

Wear: Comfortable clothing. Bring: Swimsuit, towel, money, camera, film, sunscreen.


Santiago Sunday Mass Excursion
Enjoy an authentic Mexican Catholic mass in the beautiful church (formerly a mission) of downtown Santiago. Tour the lush agricultural area and stop for lunch (optional; cost not included) at the lovely Hotel El Palomar.

Wear: Dress appropriately for church


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