When most people think of Baja, they think of vast expanses of uninhabited desert, bounded by mountains and sea. There are hidden tropical oases, waterfalls and hot springs in the mountains behind us, along with lush plantations and amazing birds and other wildlife.

Arrangements for a car and an English-speaking wildlife expert/driver can be made at the Activity Desk in El Pescador Bar, every evening from 6:30-8:00 pm.


ATV Bird-Watching Tour
This four-hour guided tour is by ATV, guided by our area wildlife expert, Steve Chism. We will depart from the beach shack at the southeast edge of the hotel property and travel south along the beach and coastal road. The terrain here varies between desert thorn forest, agriculture and peaceful coastal lagoons. Common birds to be sighted in these brackish and fresh water lagoons include: osprey, frigate birds, Gilla woodpeckers, catus wrens, pyrrahuloxia. Uncommon birds include: wood stork, black-bellied whistling bucks, sora, lasuuli bunting. We will hike and bird-watch for at least two hours, then enjoy a picnic lunch before heading back to the hotel.

Wear: Dress comfortably. Bring: Camera, film, binoculars, sunscreen, hat.


Bahía Magdalena Gray Whale Encounter
Every year 24,000 California Gray Whales migrate from the Arctic Ocean to the protected Pacific lagoons of Baja California Sur. The first ones roll in around late December and the last stragglers head out in April. It’s here that they give birth to their young and nurse them until they’re strong enough to make the long trek back up north.

    Visiting one of Baja’s lagoons to hang out with the gray whales is an experience not to be missed. Nowhere else in the world are the whales so friendly and playful. Nowhere else will a mama whale nudge her baby right up to your panga so you can pet it. And, since it takes four hours to get from Buena Vista to Magdalena Bay, the southernmost whale-petting lagoon, it makes for an easy and inspiring day trip from the resort.      

Hot Springs Tour
On this six-hour tour, we will drive through the scenic town of Santiago, through the ranching oasis of San Jorge and up in the mountains to Santa Rita. There we will come upon a rancho with private hot and cool springs and a crystal clear stream that flows year-round. Hike a half hour upstream to large pools where you can swim and even dive in the crystal clear water. Afterward, soak in the hot springs pool, enjoy a picnic lunch and take a siesta under a giant shade tree before heading back to the hotel.

Wear: Comfortable hiking attire, shoes, hat. Bring: Swimsuit, towel, camera, film, sunscreen.


San Miguel Indian Rock Painting Tour
Hundreds of ancient Indian rock and cave paintings have been discovered in Baja and more are discovered all the time. All are at least 1,500 years old. On this six-hour guided tour, we will ascend into the rugged mountains either to the south of Buena Vista—to San Miguel—and find ourselves transported back in time. The paintings here are on a monstrous boulder, located in what was obviously the middle of the Indians’ sacred meeting grounds.


Small hands and an array of wildlife are depicted, along with an accurate compass. A river runs through this arroyo year-round. During the rainy season (late summer to early fall) the waters roar down the canyon. Over centuries the waters have scoured, shaped and buffed the granite boulders so that now they’re smooth and easy to walk on. There are sandy beaches alongside the massive rock formations—providing perfect places to picnic and spread your towel for a siesta after you take a dip in the clean, clear pools.

Wear: Comfortable hiking attire, shoes, hat. Bring: Swimsuit, towel, camera, film, sunscreen.


La Trinidad Fossil-Hunting Tour
Join us on a trip back in time to search for prehistoric fossils near the quaint town of La Trinidad. On this six-hour tour we will hike through the backcountry looking for proof that the area was once underwater. We will find fossilized conch shells, sharks’ teeth and other sea fossils that date back eight to ten million years. We may be lucky enough to spot arrowheads as well, from later times when the Indians lived here. Afterward, we will picnic on a nearby ranch before heading back to the hotel.
Wear: Comfortable hiking attire, shoes, hat. Bring: camera, film, sunscreen.


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