Is this a family oriented resort? Yes.

2. Does the entire resort use water that comes from hot springs water well? Yes, and it has been proven to be an excellent and safe drinking water.

3. Is the tap water safe to drink? Yes, it is some of the purest water in the world.

4. How is your hotel rated? Four stars and one diamond by AAA.

5. When was the last time the hotel was remodeled? 1993.

6. Is there daily maid service? Yes.

7. What time is check-in and check-out? Check-in is at 3:00 p.m. and check out at noon.

8. What are the hottest months? July, August and September.

9. When is the weather cooler? From November to March.

10. When is hurricane season? August through early October.

11. How high does the humidity reach? As high as 99% in summer, but normally in the 80's.

12. Which months would you say are the coolest at the hotel, and what is the temperature range then? During December, January and February, daytime high temperatures are usually up to high 80s and it is at its coldest during dawn, which can be as cold as in the low 60's.

13. Is the resort wheelchair accessible? It is not conform to US regulations, but we cater to many handicap persons every year with no problems, due to the hotel design of lack of stairs.

14. What are the emergency phone numbers for the hotel? The direct line from the USA is: 011-52-624-141-0033.

15. Do we have access to a phone in case of business or personal matters? Yes, there are now phones in all of our rooms. We also have a pay phone in the lobby.

16. Do all your rooms have air-conditioning? Yes.

17. What is the voltage of your electricity, and are there adapters to use? The voltage here is 110, the same as in the USA. If needed, we have adaptors at the front desk.

18. Do you celebrate the holidays with special events for the guests? Yes.

19. Is there a gift shop in the hotel? Yes.

20. Is there a laundry facility for guests? How much does it cost? Yes. The cost varies on the size of the load.

21. Is there babysitting available & how much does it cost? Yes. The rate is $10 per hour.

22. Where is the nearest hospital or clinic? About five minutes from the hotel in Los Barriles there is a small clinic. San Jose has a well established hospital (1 Hour drive).

23. What time are breakfast, lunch and dinner served? Breakfast is served from 6:15 to 11 a.m. Lunch is served from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Dinner is served from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

24. What type of food do we expect to eat? Our menu is extensive. The breakfast menu contains a wide array of traditional American and Mexican favorites. At lunch, choose between hamburgers, tostadas, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, soups and salads. Dinner includes a large selection of beef, chicken, seafood and Mexican dishes. Soup and salad come with the meal. For those wanting to eat the fish they just caught fresh that day, our chef will gladly prepare it to your liking! At certain times we have themed dinners and traditional Mexican Fiestas.

25. What does the American plan offer? Do we have choices? The American Plan offers three meals a day. The European Plan does not include meals. Our menu for every meal is extensive and offers many choices.

26. Can you accommodate a special diet? Yes, but we will need an advance notice of your dietary requirements.

27. Is there a satellite television on site? Yes. In the El Pescador Bar.

28. Do you have a pool table and any other games available for guests’ use? We have a pool table and ping-pong table in the El Pescador Bar. Outside we have shuffleboard, horseshoes and bacce ball. Are there a pool table & other table games available.

29. How much do drinks cost? Please visit our Rates & Policy site to check out our prices on all of our services.

30. Do all rooms have hammocks on the patio? No, it depends what number you are staying in. Rooms 28 – 50 have hammocks (Except room 51).

31. How far are the standard rooms from the beach? About 80 yds.

32. What type of bedding is in the rooms? Most rooms have two full-sized beds. Some have Kings. If you prefer a King-sized bed, please let us know when you reserve your room.

33. Can we walk along the beach? How many miles is the walk along the beach? Yes, you can walk as far as you can go in either direction.

34. Are there beach chairs and umbrellas on the sand? Yes.

35. What else can you offer people that don’t fish? We offer ATV, Jet Ski, horseback and kayak rentals. We have a tennis court on site. We also offer a wide range of tours, including guided adventure tours, golf tours, city tours, scuba and snorkel tours, and ATV mountain and bird watching tours. We have a spa, which offers massage, manicures, pedicures and hair styling.

36. How much does it cost to rent ATVs, Jet Skis, Kayaks, Snorkel Gear, Horses and scuba gear? Please visit our Rates & Policy site to check out our prices on all of our services.

37. Are there tennis balls and rackets for the guest to use on the tennis court? Yes.

38. Do you offer water sports such as water aerobics? No, but we have water volleyball.

39. Is there windsurfing in the area? Where? Yes, In Los Barriles, five minutes away by car or taxi.

40. What can the massage therapist offer? Our hotel offers a combination of the following types of massage techniques, which are certain to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated: Swedish, Acupressure (Tui Na), Deep Tissue, Reiki and Cranio Sacral. Please visit our Rates & Policy site to check out our prices on all of our services.

41. Are there restaurants nearby? Yes, in Los Barriles there are several good restaurants and bars.

42. What documents do we need to travel into Mexico? You will need to provide a notarized birth certificate and photo ID or a passport at the airport when you check in. The US government will be requiring passports for travel to Mexico soon, so it’s advisable to get a passport if you don’t have one. You will also need a Tourist Card, which will be provided to you by your airline.

43. What airlines fly into San Jose del Cabo or La Paz airports? Please visit our Area information site to check out the up-dated information on the airlines that travel to both of the nearest airports.

44. How long is the drive from the airports to the hotel? From Los Cabos International Airport, it is about 45 minutes. From La Paz International Airport, it’s about 90 minutes.



FAQ’s Fishing

1. How many hours do we fish? We fish about eight hours, from 7 a.m. to 2:30-3:00 p.m.


2. Do we get lunch and drinks on the boat? The evening before you are scheduled to go fishing, visit the Activities Desk in the El Pescador Bar (inside) and make your lunch order. It will be delivered to your boat in the morning.


3. What are the prices for fish cleaning, smoking, filleting & packaging? Please visit our Rates & Policy site to check out our prices on all of our services.


4. What are the prices of fishing gear (rods & reels, bait, fishing license)? Please visit our Rates & Policy site to check out our prices on all of our services.

5. How far out do the boats take you? From five to 50 miles offshore, what we want is to get you fish and we will go almost anywhere to get them for you.

6. Can we do in-shore fishing? Yes.

7. Can we rent fishing equipment for in-shore fishing? No, you must bring your own gear for this.

8. Is my American fishing license valid to use in Mexico? No.

9. Tell me more about fly fishing.... It’s coming very popular with salt-water anglers these days. Fly fishermen previously fished only in creeks and rivers. We offer fly fishing trips through Baja on the Fly, and these come with a boat and an English-speaking guide.

10. What type of fishing equipment do we need to bring? Please visit our Sport Fishing site to check out the recommended tackle to bring down.

11. What are the boats equipped with? The 23-foot pangas have a 90 horse power Yamaha engine, center console with shade, open head, outriggers and bait tank and 28-foot to our 31-foot all have fighting chairs, canopy, cabin with bathroom. 28 footers are single engine and 29' and 31' have twin engines.

12. How many boats does your resort have? What are the sizes? We have 20 boats, from 23 Super Pangas to 31 feet long Cruisers

13. How old are your boats? Our boats average from 2 Year old to 20 year old boats

14. When is high season for fishing? April – November


FAQ’s Diving and Snorkeling

1. How do we arrange for diving and what are the rates? All diving packages offered by our hotel are through Vista Sea Sport. Please visit our Scuba and Snorkel site to check out all of the information on our diving and snorkeling services.  We will be happy to pre-arranged your diving or snorkel tours or you can contact Activities Desk at El Pescador bar a night prior. We recommend that you arrange this tour with at least 24 hrs advanced notice.

FAQ’s Tours

1. How far is the nearest town? The nearest town is Los Barriles and it is five minutes away by car or taxi.

2. Where is the closest shopping area? Is it within walking distance? The closest town with a grocery store, ATM (not always available) and other services is Los Barriles, about five minutes away by car or taxi. It is a pleasant walk down the beach and takes about an hour. There is a small mini-market just up the road from the hotel to the highway. This store is only a five-minute walk.

3. How far are you from Cabo San Lucas? 65 miles, about an hour and half drive.

4. Is there a church nearby? What are the times for service? Yes, every Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

5. When is whale watching season and where? March- April.

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