If there are three words which sum up the East Cape’s climate, they are: warm, dry and sunny.  Along the southern reaches of the arid Baja California peninsula, annual rainfall averages around 10 inches, although infrequent tropical disturbances can sometimes intensify and concentrate the precipitation.  Still, sunblock or sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are as necessary as your willingness to enjoy a wonderful time, because our region is basked in sunshine well over 330 days a year!
Yet as definable as the climate is, it’s seasonal and diversified and offers its own unique characteristics spring, summer, fall and winter.


Climate by season


Spring (Late March- early June). Probably the most beautiful weather in our area, days can easily reach the high 80's, and cool down for a nice evening.


Summer (Middle June- early October). Summer can be hot, even though temperature rarely surpass the 100 mark, humidity may make it feel hotter than what it actually is. Fisherman and Divers a like consider this the best time to be here, as the condition of the Sea Of Cortez are the best. 


Fall (Middle of October - early November). Small window, but the best when you want to combine ocean activities with great weather. Fishing is normally phenomenal and dive-snorkel conditions are also wonderful.


Winter (Middle of November - Middle of March). If disconnection from the world is your objective, we are the place to be. As ocean activities are available, they aren't the best, due to our yearly Northeastern winds. Percentage catch per boat are among the best, almost the same as the summer, there are average 2 days of calm weather during a winter week and the choppiness of the ocean makes for and uncomfortable ride. All this means less crowds at the resort. Winter is also the best time to explore and take eco-tours.


Average Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 77-83 78-84 80-85 83-90 85-92 88-95 93-97 94-97 88-95 80-85 80-85 77-79
Low 56-62 59-63 60-64 63-67 68-72 70-74 75-78 76-79 77-80 75-79 63-67 62-66
Rainfall 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 4 2 1 1


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