East Cape Snorkeling

Baja’s East Cape can be called the Snorkeling Capitol of the World with few arguments. The sea around us is a veritable bouillabaisse of fish, lobster, crabs, eels, coral and creatures great and small. It must be seen to be believed; and all you need do to see it is to book a snorkeling trip with our professional tour guides. The best part? There’s no need to carry anything from home. Rent whatever minimal equipment you need right here. Either right in front of the hotel or take a tour that will take you to an underwater wonderland anywhere from a few minutes to an hour away from the hotel.

Snorkeling in front of the hotel

Ocean front terrace, beautiful setting to dineWant to snorkel but not with a group or tour? Try going to the “front yard” directly in front of the hotel or walk a few minutes south to those rocks. These “Do it Yourself" or DIY activities are at your own pace and time schedule. Similar to our professionally-guided snorkel tours, you’ll have an opportunity to see all the underwater critters from magnificently colored reef fish to large game, like roosterfish and amberjack. Our pier serves as underwater “structure” and seems to attract fish, so you don’t need to go very far to witness the very best Baja has to offer. Once you don a mask, fins and snorkel, you never know what awaits you in the magical Sea of Cortez. Rent everything you need right at the hotel – no need to pack and carry gear from home.

Snorkel Tours

Ocean front terrace, beautiful setting to dineEast Cape offers several fantastic snorkeling locations where you'll enjoy a beautiful underwater world. All tours include snorkeling equipment. A box lunch and beverages can be ordered from the hotel. Tours are subject to a four-person minimum. This can be waived if combined with a scuba tour.

Tours to Cabo Pulmo Marine Park’s Iguana Beach are in a 23’ super panga provided by Vista Sea Sport. Tours to Bahia de los Sueños or Coral Beach are provided by a resort boat or Vista Sea Sport panga. Availability determines the boat you will be on. Arrangements can also be made to reserve a cabin cruiser for your snorkel tour (no cabin cruiser available for the marine park).

Iguana Beach

A calm evening, before happy hourA Cabo Pulmo Marine Park’s Iguana Beach’s unusual rock outcroppings provide the backdrop for sparkling white sand beaches; an hour away and accessible only by boat. Hike, rock climb or just soak up the seclusion on beach mats under umbrellas between swims. In the shallows, well within wading distance, close and personal views of lobster, larger Sea of Cortez game fish, moray eels and perhaps a tortuga (turtle). There’s a sea lion colony a few minutes farther out where, weather permitting, you can actually swim with these playful and curious mammals.

Dive Travel Magazine named this one of the best snorkeling beaches in the world!

Bahía de los Sueños

Ocean front terrace, beautiful setting to dineFull day – departs 7:30 a.m.; returns 2:00 p.m.

North of the resort are numerous boat-accessible sites including Punta Pescadero, El Cardonal and a few unnamed “secret sweet spots” that showcase the superb snorkeling East Cape offers. The isolated Bahia de Los Sueños (Bay of Dreams), less than an hour from the resort, despite its remoteness, offers several choices for lunch or just a drink including the upscale Train Room in the recently completed Grand Sueño Hotel or the Cardon Grill overlooking the Bahia.

This is a magnificent tour for a family with kids, as you can go in a comfortable cabin cruiser. The kids can jump from the swim step of the boat into the warm water of the Bay of Dreams. You can order food and cold drinks from the restaurant while your wife enjoys the white sandy beach, and the kids can. play in the sand and warm water.

Coral Beach

A calm evening, before happy hourHalf day - departs 7:30 a.m.; returns at noon.

About 25 minute away is Coral Beach, a beautiful white sand beach south of Punta Pescadero. Umbrellas and beach mats provided. Just steps from the shore are rock formations and tide pools with living coral and loads of colorful tropical reef fish. Also available afternoon trips to this and other nearby reefs.Durations vary from 2 to 3 hours, but you need to call for availability, destinations and prices.

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