At dusk, as the sun is setting and the moon slowly rises on the beach, you walk down an aisle of groomed sand, the lilting sound of the sea softly bubbling against the shoreline accompanying your wedding march as you exchange your vows beneath a shimmering starlit sky. The hotel has many varied settings to fit your vision of your wedding and reception location: For large more formal weddings, you can have the large middle garden and for a small wedding, you can take over the terrace overlooking the Sea of Cortez. You dreamed of a perfect wedding and our experienced staff and wedding coordinator will make them come true.

Beach Ceremony

Walk a sany aileAs the sun slowly sinks behind the mountains and the sea whispers softly in the background, you take those first steps toward your wedding on the beach in beautiful Baja. This special moment of time, filled with the romance of old Mexico, will be celebrated by both of you over and over again as you share your lifetime journey. With the aroma of tropical flowers drifting on the balmy breezes, Mexican guitarists softly strumming serenades and the white sandy beaches, this can truly be your paradise wedding. Whether it’s only the two of you, or you bring many guests, the ceremony on the beach will be memorable and you will long to return year after year to rekindle your love.

Our local church
Religious or not

Although Mexico is 90% catholic, it’s the beautiful scenery and ambience that attracts a diversity of brides and grooms; with advance notice, we can offer options for a variety of religious ceremonies.

Legal or not

If you would like for your wedding to be legal, it takes advance preparation and you will need to fulfill some Mexican requirements. However, if you prefer, exchange your vows here, and perform your legal requirements at a later date.

Reception Options


Beautiful beach settingYou can invite from a few to 200 people for your Beachside Reception….though for 80 or more the hotel can close for your event only. Whatever the size of your wedding party, you can celebrate your exchange of vows with your friends and family, your way. Begin with the sand, the sea, and the night sky filled with billiions of twinkling stars. That’s a given at beautiful Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. Add a stage with a band and your music, or mariachi and folklorico dancers. Maybe you’ll want a bonfire or you’ll prefer more romantic lighting. The choice is yours. You can make your reception elegant, or informal. You can choose, but once you make your choice, let us make it happen. Our wedding coordinator is the best and she’ll work to make your reception a memorable one.


Up to 200 guests in our beach optionIt’s no wonder that our larger wedding parties choose the beautiful garden setting at Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort for a more sophisticated, elegant reception. We close the hotel to outside guests for groups of 80 and above in order that you and your family and friends can enjoy your celebration of the beginning of your lives together in private. There among the fragrant aroma of the lush tropical plants, the sound of the beautiful waterfall as it splashes into the pool, the bridge that crosses the pools of water, the charming fountains at every terraced level of the property and a lighted, romantic gazebo for dancing,, you can lose yourself in the celebration of your special day. Along with exotic flowers everywhere…this is truly a photographer’s delight. What better place to capture you and your loved one in photos for future memories?


Elegant and relaxed our garden offers bothThe terrace in front of the bar is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding vows if you have invited from 10 to 50 people. The advantage to using this area for your reception is its flexibility. You can have private catering or order right from the menu. With stars twinkling overhead, and the sea murmuring only a few feet away, you capture the romance of Baja. You and your guests can dance on the terrace or on the beach. Young or old, everyone will enjoy this setting. For your older guests, there is ample seating in comfort on the terrace where they can view the sea and everything that happens from a position of honor. We can make this a private setting if you want a small intimate event.

Wedding Coordinator

Hortencia your personlized wedding coordinatorYour wedding is too important to leave in the hands of just anyone. Call and talk with our Wedding Coordinator. You’ll find that she is experienced and someone you can trust. She won’t offer you a pre-designed package; she will tailor a package to fit your desires. The coordinator will supervise the menu, the flowers, the cake and catering services, the legal requirements (if necessary), and the religious arrangements, or any other special arrangements you may need, allowing you to have the peace of mind knowing that she will coordinate your wedding and reception exactly as you want, from start to finish. And she is the only person you will have to deal with.

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