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April, May and June is considered high season in Baja Sur, and the fishing and diving are excellent with visibility from 50 to 100 feet! The weather is mild and usually some of the best we see all year...not too hot and not too cool, usually with calm seas. Daytime air temps average between the mid-70's and mid-80's; nighttime temps range from the high-60's to the low-70's and water temps average from low to high-70's. In June the temps begin to climb, with warmer air, warmer water temperatures and great fishing and diving.


Both fishing and diving splendid in July, August and September! Don't let the possibility of some heat scare you away! Daytime temps at the beach are in the mid- to high-80's, occasionally climbing into the low-90's. Night time temperatures are near 80 degrees. Water temps are in the mid-to high-80's with visibility from 50 to 100 feet and you can stay in the water for hours on end! Summertime, particularly the months of August and September, is the slowest tourist season in Baja...also the warmest time of the year. Humidity can climb in summer, however East Cape afternoon sea breezes usually keeps temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than Los Cabos and La Paz.


October and November run a close second to Spring for high season and the info in the Spring paragraph applies here, too. Fishing and diving are great! The ocean temps are still in the mid 80's with visibility from 50 to 80 feet in October, humidity's returning to normal levels, air temps are mid- to high -80's in October, high-70's to mid-80's in November. Evenings are warm and pleasant. September is the least-traveled month for our area, as it is the warmest and most humid month of the year. However, September is a great time to be in Baja if you don't mind the warm temperatures.


Winter is the peak time for kite and wind surfers! Weather systems in the USA which create north winds throughout the Sea of Cortez and East Cape is favored by wind surfers. Because our resort is located right on the beach, even if the weather's not perfect, you are still at the beach enjoying our pool and Jacuzzi which is protected from the north wind. The weather temperature is the coldest in the winter - December through February and March is a transitional month reflecting the change from winter to spring. Daytime temps are usually in the mid-70's to the mid-80's, nighttime temps are usually in the mid-60's, and ocean temps are usually in the mid- to low-70's with visibility from 30 to 60 feet. Both fishing and diving are feasible options to be enjoyed on the frequent non-windy days when the north winds take a breather. When it doesn't, we have several boats available in the marina at San Jose del Cabo which is sheltered from the north winds and is only an hour from the resort.

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